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A financial emergency can stuck you at any point of the life. We at One Hour Loans understand your situation and can help you sustain your needs till your next payday. It is not easy to be accepted in traditional borrowing, so our main aim is to assist you with instant cash help. We are not a direct loan lender but purely a mediator.

We can provide you with matchless loan deals at affordable rates and from genuine lenders. We can assist you during shortage of funds and help you resolve the problem of unplanned expenses. We give you detailed information about the loan deals that are being offered to you.

Such one hour loans are short term and therefore come under unsecured category. You do not have to fear losing any of your precious assets. However, the loan is secured against a post dated cheque. Even the non homeowners can apply for the loans as there is no demand for collateral.

We at One Hour Loans extend our services to the people of Australia. Before you apply for these loans there are certain conditions to be fulfilled. You should be above the age of 18 years, regularly employed and hold an active bank account under your name. It is obligatory to adhere to these basic terms.

There are many loan comparison tools that can be used for making a right choice. These loan calculators help in estimating the complete loan cost according to the current APR of the loan. You get to know the end cost of the deal, which can save you from falling for expensive loan deals.

Lenders will verify the personal information provided by applicants and also perform credit check to identify your credit worthiness. The loan decision depends upon your repaying ability, past credits and current income. Depending upon these factors, the lender decides whether he will accept or reject the loan deal.

You can register with One Hour Loans to start utilizing our services. We provide round the clock service at our website. In case you have any other service related query, you can contact us.

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