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One Hour Loans makes use of many cookies to enhance the browsing experience for its visitors. Cookies are basically a text file which stores some piece of information and preserves it in the hard drive of the user. Cookies are mostly used to improve the usability of the site. As you move forward with browsing our site, you are advice to go through the privacy policy. Any further usage of our site will be considered as your acceptance to our cookies policy.

Cookies are harmless in nature and don't affect your computer in any way. They occupy very little space in your computer and are not a threat to your personal information that is stored in your computer. The cookies are exclusive for a particular browser type that has been used while accessing a website.

Cookies are useful and essential to keep a site running. They are added to a site, so that a user can navigate easily from one page to another. Most importantly cookie enables the website to monitor the visitor traffic. So we can figure out the total number of visitors on the site. Cookies also help us keep a track of the pages most visited by the users. This way they can improvise those pages for a better user review.

There are various kinds of cookies that have different purpose. The two main cookies are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are type of temporary cookies that lasts till you are using the browser. Such cookies are used on the online banking sites. Whereas, persistent cookies are permanent and stays even after you have exit the browser.

There are other cookies like first party and third party cookies. First party cookies are set by the domain and become active when you visit the same browser. While the third party cookies are set by someone other than the browser. These third party cookies can be advert agencies that put ads on your site.

If you are not comfortable with the current cookies, you can always change its settings. However, if you disable these cookies you can face some problems in the proper working of our site.

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